Passionate Profound

The time is now for passionate, profound, gentle and authentic living. The games are over, the spinning and spiralling are over. The seeking of affirmation from others is over. It is time to accept, love, hold and nourish yourself. I love You.💙 My Morning Coffee

She Went Dancing

She bought the prettiest dress and did her hair. She did all of the things pretty girls are supposed to do. It was fun to dress up and adorn herself.She went with her loveliest friend who she had MUCH in common with and that she had grown so much with. They were divorced around same …

Pointing Back

Maybe the fear was GOOD - not an alarm bell warning to protect herself from others, but a pointing back to the parts of herself that she still needed to heal. Perhaps framing it this way was how to find peace and balance. Perhaps she was the only one freaking out, when the fear made …

Be In Your Truth

Your realness, your tears and your truth are essential. YOU processing this life, this moment in time whether good or bad is how you move next to where you are supposed to be. Movement in life is freedom and love. Do not build a dam that keeps you the same.

Ex Bashing

I truly feel that bashing your ex is the most unhealthy and pain inducing thing you can do on your healing journey.  It is healthy to talk real and call an ace an ace in a moment but generally pointing fingers and placing blame only hurts you more in the end.  It also stops your …